Employee Training Content Development Tips

Employee training is no more an added perk. 

Thanks to elearning tools like learning management systems and elearning authoring tools, anyone can create, manage, and track an online training initiative. 

As a result, the top talent is now considering training and development opportunities as a decisive factor while evaluating job opportunities.

These tools allow solo-entrepreneurs or those working with limited resources to create engaging, focused, and meaningful training experiences that engage employees.

With that said, creating training content can be a challenge. Sure, elearning authoring tools are designed to help you simplify and accelerate the process, and they truly do. 

However, these tools cannot ensure that the content you are creating is going to be impactful and engaging.

Don’t worry, if you are setting out to create your first training program, follow these tips to produce something your employees will love and your organisation will thank you for:

Look Beyond The Written Word

Almost all of us have been educated with the help of books. Books are superb for storing and passing down knowledge. That’s perhaps the reason they have found such a sacred place in almost all early and current human civilizations for generations.

However, today, reading books is not a common thing. These days, we are consuming content in a number of different ways. From video platforms and streaming services to podcasts and live streams, today, we are consuming more visual content than ever before.

To make your training interesting for your employees, it is important that it doesn’t only consist of long and imposing blocks of text. To make it engaging, it is important to add a number of visual elements to your training content.

From instructional videos to infographics, an elearning authoring software will enable you to use a number of multimedia elements to make your training content more engaging and suited to the modern learner.

Break It Down

A study published in 2016 revealed that our attention span is decreasing by 88% year on year.

Your training content must address this shortening attention span in order to engage learners and make a lasting impact on them.

While adding multimedia elements to your course content is a great way to do the same, another superb (and scientifically proven) way to make training content more impactful is by using microlearning.

Microlearning is the practice of breaking down large blocks of information into smaller, easily digestible chunks of information. 

To apply microlearning to your training content, try breaking down instructional videos into smaller and focused mini-lessons. Similarly, if you have a long text-based lesson, you can break it down into smaller lessons that talk about specific subjects.

Doing this will make it easier for your learners to consume the training content. This is because they will not have to commit 30-60 minutes every time they sit in front of their computer to consume the training content. Instead, they can walk away with new information and knowledge by just investing 5-10 minutes of their time.


Developing training content is a long and difficult process. THankfully, an elearning authoring tool can not just accelerate the process, the templates and themes offered by these software also enable you to create world-class training content without any experience. We hope that the tips mentioned in this article will help you create engaging training content.

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