More from Goldman Sachs on why they slashed their estimates for China’s economic growth

As posted earlier, GS cut their projections for China:

Local media in China wrote along the same lines:

Via Goldman Sachs, says that there areĀ “significant downside pressures” weighing on theĀ 

power supply problems, brought about by environmental controls, supply constraints, soaring pricesforcing industry to cut productionseveral provinces are finding it difficult to guarantee electricity and heating for residents

Goldman Sachs

estimate that as much as 44% of China’s industrial activity has been affected”Considerable uncertainty remains with respect to the fourth quarter, with both upside and downside risks relating principally to the government’s approach to managing the Evergrande stresses, the strictness of environmental target enforcement and the degree of policy easing”As posted earlier, GS cut their projections for China:

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