New York Fed Pres Williams says nothing on monetary policy or the economy

New York Fed president Williams

New York Fed president Williams_
The New York Fed president Williams is speaking but his comments say nothing on monetary policy on the economy:We must think about how to shore up the treasury market so it can better indoor the next big shock
The New York Fed took unprecedented action to stabilize markets last year
The actions taken by the New York Fed last year offer a stark reminder that markets are not nearly as resilient as they should beTreasury market reform should bring together the best ideas from the public and private sectors

Williams spoke five days ago (November 12). At the time he said:

There are segments of the labor force that are more protected against inflation and others less so
People on fixed incomes are less protected against inflationFed officials have to understand the effects of climate issues on financial stability in terms of supervision and regulation
Fed officials are focused on inequality and equitable growth because they are important to the economy
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