Smallcap stocks: Up to 215% rise in 1 year! Stocks common among top 5 smallcap schemes

NEW DELHI: Top performing mutual funds schemes have a dozen common stocks — such as Persistent System, Carborundum Universal, Bajaj Electricals and — that have delivered solid gains in the last one year.

These scrips have rallied up to 215 per cent during this period compared with an 83 per cent rise in BSE Smallcap.

The top five smallcap schemes — Quant Smallcap Fund (up 110 per cent), Kotak Smallcap Fund (up 96 per cent), L&T Emerging Businesses Fund (up 89 per cent), HDFC Smallcap Fund (up 88 per cent) and Nippon India Small Cap Fund (up 88 per cent) — have delivered up to 110 per cent returns in last one year. These were among the only 9 smallcap schemes that could beat BSE Smallcap’s return during the period, data publicly available with Value Research suggests.

is a recurring name in four of the top five schemes. The IT stock is HDFC Smallcap Fund’s fourth biggest holding, comprising 4.21 per cent of the scheme’s assets. It is Kotak Smallcap Fund’s fifth biggest holding, at 3.18 per cent of AUM. L&T Emerging Businesses also holds 3.18 per cent stake in this stock, which is its third biggest holding. Nippon India holds a 1.26 per cent stake in Persistent, which has rallied 200 per cent in the last one year.

Carborundum Universal finds a slot in three of the top 5 performing smallcap schemes. It is Kotak Smallcap Fund’s biggest holding at 4.47 per cent. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund has 2.22 per cent of this asset in this stock; for Nippon, it is 1.63 per cent. This scrip has rallied 215 per cent in last one year.

There are at least 15 other stocks that are common among the holdings of two of the top five performing schemes.

eClerx Services has rallied 213 per cent in the last one year. This stock has a place in HDFC Smallcap Fund (3.2 per cent of assets) and Nippon India Small Cap Fund (1.5 per cent) schemes. Bajaj Electricals has surged 200 per cent in the last one year. This stock, too, is common in HDFC Smallcap Fund (5.75 per cent) and Nippon India Small Cap Fund (2.25 per cent).

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund and HDFC Smallcap Fund share an interest in

, which is up 188 per cent. Cyient (up 163 per cent) is present in Kotak and Nippon funds. Sonata is up 160 per cent. This stock is common among top five schemes, as are (up 124 per cent), Welspun (up 116 per cent) and (up 102 per cent).

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