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UmetaWorld: the way metaverse can help people meet each other
UmetaWorld: the way metaverse can help people meet each other

Recently, there has been a soaring interest in the metaverse. Everyone is interested in looking into the future and appreciating the amazing ecosystem of the metaverse of the future. And finally, such an amazing project UmetaWorld saw the light. This amazing development is already ready to blow up the world. Let’s check out the way it operates and its solutions.

What is the UmetaWorld?UmetaWorld is a social and virtual world based on innovative VR technology. City by city, the project is creating a new ecosystem, bringing new reality and possibilities.MissionTo provide a Web 3.0 / metaverse infrastructure to all users, individuals, and professionals.ContributionTo donate 20% of revenues to associations and/or impact projects.AmbitionTo bring new solutions to work, grow, trade, or simply escape for a while despite the current health uncertainty.AdvantagesA new way to socialize, meet your loved ones, and enjoy real-life activities with them.Totally new digital shopping experience more secure & without the size headache when you order online.One of the most glamorous towns at your fingerprints.Real life-based metaverseNew digital social virtual reality experienceEnjoy real-life activities from your sofaCreate your digital twin’s avatarIBCO launch means fully decentralized, no pre-mounted tokensA strong team that have experience in fintech projectsToken UMWThanks to the $UMW token, you can buy amazing and unique NFT on the internal platform.Also, this token allows you to explore the amazing world of the metaverse, visit various places, and much more.The $UMW token is the main link that connects the entire ecosystem of the metaverse and allows you to experience new amazing experiences.Token detail & allocation$UMW TokenIBCOListed on DEXBinance smart chainStaking poolsThis project also has its own management token, which you can use inside the universe. You can buy items and things with it or sell your own assets for it. This token helps the entire ecosystem of the metaverse operate smoothly.

You can also stake this coin. Staking has recently gained huge popularity and has taken the place of mining. With the help of staking, you can increase your capital.

EducationIt is revolutionizing the educational experience for schools and universities. UmetaWorld will provide students worldwide with a highly immersive alternative to face-to-face courses. With the help of new technologies, education will reach a new level and give students a completely new learning experience in virtual reality. In this way, education will become much more interesting and may include new aspects, such as virtual travel. It is an amazing solution that will help you get more social communication.CultureAttend museums concerts and participate in events without constraints. You can visit all the most interesting places and learn something new. Unlimited access to art and music is the engine of progress.Working processCollaboration between on-site and remote employees will be facilitated, and team cohesion will be greatly increased. From the employer’s perspective, it allows your business to operate at a larger scale and reinvent your way of doing business. Working in virtual reality will open up new opportunities for the whole business and its employees, give you new impressions and give you new solutions to improve the work process.TravelingEscape to the metaverse from any location, the world at your fingertips. Now you have no restrictions. Right from home, you can go to any place and fully immerse yourself in the culture, architecture, etc., you are interested in. You can freely explore new countries and cities while sitting at home. Even if you don’t have a lot of capital, now all the doors of the virtual reality world are open to you.Social networkNever lose touch with your loved ones, wherever they are in the world. Meet them in the metaverse, take part in activities and meet new people at the same time. Thanks to the metaverse and virtual reality, now you can always be close to your loved ones, even if they are on another continent. Isn’t that amazing? Even within the framework of a long-distance relationship, lovers can now go on a date in the metaverse and feel that they are much closer. It will allow you to see nearest and dearest and always stay in touch with those you love.ShoppingSupport local merchants in any city in the world while enjoying a highly immersive and secure experience. Now, right from home, you can make purchases in any store in the world and always have them with you as a virtual asset. This is an amazing opportunity for fans to try on all the styles and production of clothing that they are interested in.Project basicsMake the world a better placeUMetaWorld was built as a fun and immersive way to introduce the world to the untapped joys of the metaverse. Its plan is to make the world a better place by allowing all communities access to a wide set of services and tools. Additionally, they have set up a foundation to donate part of generated fees to saving the ocean and planting trees.Discover virtual experienceIf you can experience it in the real world, then you can also do it in UMetaWorld. The most important thing is to mix real and virtual worlds. So, you can attend live concerts, boost your skills, or travel to places which you have never visited. You can do it all.Buy and sell your digital assets. Meta World is the bridge between the two worlds – physical and virtual. Metaworld users will be able to buy digital clothes art and monetize their assets in a digital way. UMetaWorld is built on a Polygon network that allows fast and affordable transactions for the everyday user.Inside of UMetaWorld, you are able to speak to other users and experience true feelings.Access virtual banking solutionsUMetaWorld users will be able to perform digital banking activities inside the metaverse. You can shop in the virtual world, pay your bills directly through a proprietary banking solution. All your assets are at your fingertips.Why is this project special?Isn’t it amazing? Everything you dreamed of in one place. Education, travel, work, communication, and virtual assets all make this metaverse an amazing place for self-development. Already now, you can go to the app and create your own avatar that will reflect you in such a real but virtual reality. Virtual reality is the future of humanity, do not miss the opportunity and become a part of the future right now.ResultsThis metaverse opens the doors to the new digitalized world. UmetaWorld has not yet had time to show everything it is capable of, but in the near future, it will definitely take its niche in our lives. The future has arrived. Join it right now and try everything it has to offer.

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