UK government to hold a COBRA meeting tomorrow at 0630

PM Johnson has told the Ukriaine PM (in a call) that he believes an invasion is a real possibility in the hours and days ahead.

Johnson strongly condemned the Kremlin’s decision today to recognise Luhansk and Donetsk as independent states
UK had already drawn up sanctions to target those complicit in the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and that those measures would come into force tomorrow
he would explore sending further defensive support to Ukraine, at the request of the Ukrainian government
the west needed to support Ukraine in the event of an invasion but should continue to pursue a diplomatic solution until the last possible second
regardless of president Putin’s actions, the UK would be steadfast in its full support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity


Russia’s agreement with separatist leaders includes new military bases

Putin has order a ‘peacekeeping’ operation in eastern Ukraine’s breakaway regions

Putin recognizes Luhansk and Donetsk independence

Putin will be watching to see how the west responds to his moving Russian military into eastern Ukraine’s separatist regions. Putin will likely be looking to see whether this results in full-fledged sanctions or if it will divide western allies about whether this constitutes an invasion.

Johnson believes its a prelude to a fuller invasion going by these reports.

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