US indices opened with mixed results

NASDAQ higher, S&P marginally higher, the Dow industrial average lower

The major US indices are opening up with mixed results. The NASDAQ index is leading the way. The Dow industrial average is lower.

A snapshot of the major indices currently shows:

Dow industrial average -72 points or -0.24% at 30606
S&P index up 6 points or 0.15% at 3833
NASDAQ index up 75 points or 0.55% 13684

Google is opening up at a new record high. Amazon is also higher after both beat on the top and bottom lines. Amazon did announced that Jeff Bezos will step down from the CEO position, which has some negative uncertainty.

In other markets:

spot gold is trading up $1.20 or 0.07% $1839.20
spot silver is trading up $0.27 or 1.03% at $26.95
WTI crude oil futures are trading up $0.71 or 1.3% at $55.47.  The price has reached the highest level in 12 months. Major producers showed that they were raining in output roughly in line with their commitments.
Bitcoin is trading up $855 or 2.37% the $36530

in the forex,, the AUD has switch spots with the NZD as the strongest. The CHF is now the weakest as the GBP has rally higher in early New York trading (it was the weakest at the start of the session today). All the major currencies are close together with modest changes from the closes yesterday. 

The strongest and weakest currencies
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