US Treasury Secretary Yellen to meet UK PM Johnson on Wednesday

Ahead of the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s meeting with the American president in Washington on Tuesday, it is being reported that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet with the British PM on Wednesday.

On the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), PM Johnson has already stated, “we want to do it, but what we want is a good FTA, a great FTA.”

“And I have quite a lot of experience of American negotiations, and they are pretty ruthless, the American negotiators. And I would much rather get a deal that really works for the UK than get a quick deal,” he added.

Market reaction

GBP/USD is bouncing back towards 1.3700 on a fresh bout of the US dollar selling, as the risk sentiment looks to stabilize alongside the Hong Kong index.

The spot is now trading at 1.3668, up 0.08% on a daily basis.

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